Bill and Kathy Evertsberg’s Sabbatical April 30, 2022

Hi Kenilworth Union Church, it’s Bill Evertsberg. I’m recording this on Saturday, April 30.

Some of you went to the Outreach Benefit last night on April 29. Thanks to the Schaffs and the McGregors for bidding against each other and pushing the price up of our outreach dinner. We’ll look forward to having a lot of fun.

So here we are at Zion National Park. Methodists and Mormons gave the names to a lot of these peaks that we still use today in the english-speaking world.

This is called The Court of the Four Patriarchs. The ancestors of the Jewish and the Christian people. That one there that whitish one with the flattish top is called The Peak of Abraham. This one is called The Peak of Isaac and this is Mount Moroni. Moroni is an actually a Mormon hero and but was named by by a Methodist but named for a Methodist hero. Around the corner here that’s The Peak of Jacob.

So Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, the three patriarchs of the Jews and the Christians. Almost seven thousand feet each.

Some people say that Isaac is the forgotten patriarch because he’s in the middle. He’s like a middle child, the forgotten patriarch.

That patriarch tried to kill that patriarch and that patriarch, Jacob tried to steal his inheritance from that patriarch, Isaac.

So that’s Abraham, Isaac, Moroni, and Jacob. The Court of the Four Patriarchs. Beautiful place, Zion National Park. See you soon.