Invitation to Writers

Grace and peace to you, my friend.

Since Ash Wednesday, before the pandemic and all the turmoil in our lives, our church began a daily devotional with a poem and companion prayer delivered each day to the in-box of those who subscribed…and the readers grew in numbers and interest.

From Easter to Pentecost we held a virtual Pilgrimage to Pentecost with members submitting videos of themselves reading and reflecting…again the number of people who subscribed and viewed these emails continue to grow.

Over the summer, 100 Days of Homegrown Prayer soothed the soul of readers with a reflection by Katie Lancaster and prayer.

As we turn to fall, we will take up the theme of gratitude. From mid-September through the end of November, the daily devotional will describe a particular aspect of life for which one is grateful along with a companion prayer of thanks. The email will prompt readers to reflect upon their lives and identify three things for which they are grateful.

Here is Our Ask

Would you be willing to participate by writing a brief reflection (30–70 words) of some part of your life for which you are grateful. Below is a list to get your ideas flowing of all the mundane to transcendent things which grace our lives. We’d also request a simple companion prayer is to accompany the reflection (1–2 sentences). If you are inspired, you could submit a photo as well.

Here is a link to the webpage for more information.

Please consider how your gratitude could lift the spirits of others within our community, at a time when we all could benefit from noticing the blessings in our lives.

 We always give thanks to God for all of you and mention you in our prayers, constantly —1 Thessalonians 1:2

Volunteer Here To Be A Writer


Pizza delivery
Fall leaves/trees colors
Jesus’ teachings
Jesus’ resurrection
Warm sweaters
Curbside pick-up
Knowing the 23rd Psalm
A grandchild’s hug

Homer’s Christmas pie
A caregiver’s tender care
A favorite hymn
Upsetting/comforting sermons
Rejoice/Bells/Chancel choirs
Donut holes
Care Guild’s chicken tetrazzini
Day by Day

Posted on September 4, 2020