Sunday, September 18 is still a few weeks away, but we are more excited than ever to celebrate our wonderful church community at this annual occasion. On that day our Usher and Greeter Teams—which have a complete roster of volunteers for the first time in a few years!—is eager to welcome you back to a new year of programing and worship. Worship in the Sanctuary is at 8:30 and 10 a.m.

We will also be welcoming back 176 children and 40 parent volunteers (again, a full roster!) to Sunday School, and hearing from our beloved choral ensembles.

Stay after 10 a.m. worship for Family Festival featuring more music from Hamilton Chang and KuC and the Sunshine Band; a bubble performer for children; and the Good Humor ice cream truck. Invite your friends and neighbors as we take this opportunity to express thanks for our past and energize our future.