The Reverend Christine V. Hides

Each week for the next few months, we will recap a feature of Sunday school. This week highlights Pre K–grade 2.

Wonder was celebrated yesterday in Pre K–grade 2 Sunday school as we heard the creation story and talked about God’s gifts of animals, water, sun, moon, and stars. We had many responses to the question, “I wonder which day (in the creation story) you like best?”

It was our first Sunday school indoors in 19 months, the first time in Malott Chapel for many children, and a fitting story of God’s first gifts. Each week we will continue to build caring relationships with our Sunday school community, continue our journey through the Bible hearing the sacred stories, and continue to nurture our faith through prayer, rituals, and traditions.

If you would like to talk about the Sunday school lessons at home, go to CONNECT and join the Fall Godly Play class. Join CONNECT here.

In the fall Godly Play class on CONNECT you’ll find a video of the story each week, the corresponding parent page, and the “wondering questions,” designed to allow children to share their experiences through the sacred stories. Enjoy the gift of hearing their insights!

The video above includes some tips for bringing the stories and prayers home with the faith kits for toddlers–second grade.