By Christine V. Hides

Our journey through the Bible continues with the stories of Jesus’s life, teachings, and ministry this Sunday, January 13. Kenilworth Union Sunday school lessons follow a chronological pattern. In September we began with the earliest stories of the Bible including creation, Noah, Abraham, and Sarah. We learned about God’s care for the oppressed through the stories of Moses and the Exodus which, after a long journey in the wilderness, brings the people to the promised land. Even in this new place, things are not quite as the people have hoped. They long for a ruler who will bring peace yet experience war and exile. During the weeks leading up to Christmas we get ready for the mystery of a God willing to do the unimaginable to keep God’s promises and restore the world.

Beginning in January Sunday school will focus on the life of Jesus. We will hear the story of his baptism and remember our own. We will explore parables Jesus taught which invite us to imagine the world as God envisions it. We will learn about those who left their everyday lives to follow Jesus, the teacher of love of God and neighbor. Through these Bible stories we will experience God’s life-changing love for us.

Preschoolfirst grade:  Experiences the stories of Jesus through the story-telling and wondering format of Godly Play.

Second grade: Continues to enjoy the imaginative activities and videos of Holy Moly.

Third grade: Treasures scripture in their hearts. Next up: The Beatitudes.

Fourth grade: Dives more deeply into Bible stories they know with Connect.

Fifth and Sixth grades: Continue to learn about life and customs of Jesus’ time as they create the habitat.

The gift of the Bible is that each time we engage with it we gain new layers of meaning and understanding for our own lives. This is true for adults, too, yet many of us aren’t sure how to get started. For this reason, we will be offering a Bible Basics class for interested Sunday school teachers and parents in February. We hope to offer both online and in-person options. Details will be coming soon. Please email if you are interested.

Come, continue the journey through the Bible with your Kenilworth Union friends in 2019. You don’t want to miss the stories of Jesus!