Laurie Petersen, Kim Fitzgerald, Sarah Ross, and Bill Ross join Bill this week to discuss the Day by Day Outreach fundraiser and a very important volunteer opportunity.

Day by Day Ringing Day

Bill Evertsberg: Hi friends, my name is Bill Evertsberg and I’m one of the ministers at Kenilworth Union Church, and of course this is Doogie, my assistant minister. You can see that I have a great group of guests today.

This is our faithful, stalwart Day By Day crew who makes the whole thing happen. This is Laurie Peterson, Kim Fitzgerald, Sarah and Bill Ross, who work so hard to get this done. So somebody, Bill, Sarah, Kim, Laurie, tell us about the origins of Day by Day. How far back does it go and how did it get started?

Kim: Sure. Day by Day started over 40 years ago by members of our church who would get together and collect and curate quotes and they would put together a calendar to raise money for our outreach agencies to be the beneficiaries.

And throughout the years we are assigned—each member of the committee is assigned—a month with the construct of you can’t use a quote more than once within 10 years, and some loose ideas of you need to have a religious quote, a motivational quote, a humorous quote, and a really neat thing about our team is that throughout the whole year, each one of us is collecting quotes that speak to us not only individually, but with the idea that we are looking for quotes that will speak to the members of our church, our family, and our calendar readers at large.

So I think that that’s a really special thing to think about, that we are such a diverse group of team members with a different age, professions, different sense of humors, different kind of intellectual curiosities, and we all bring our own sort of thumbprint to this calendar. And I think that’s why it’s so popular and so well-received, because it’s got a little bit of something in there for everybody.

Bill Evertsberg: Thanks, Kim. How many calendars do you sell, guys?

Bill Ross: Ideally we’re going to sell all 3,700 that we had printed, and the interesting thing about the calendars is for 3,700 calendars, that means you need 7,400 rings, and that’s what we have here, and that’s really a big part of today’s video that Bill will get into, is recruiting help for our annual Ringing Day which is coming up a week from Saturday on the 24th.

Bill Evertsberg: How much money do you raise, guys?

Sarah: About $30,000 per net for outreach.

Bill Evertsberg: It’s just amazing. So when they were going, our benefit raised about $100,000; Rummage a little north of $100,000; and your little modest operation $30,000. That’s remarkable, and as Kim pointed out I just want to highlight this: it all goes to our deserving outreach agencies. It all goes to the deserving people in Chicagoland, so I want to just–can I share a couple of the humorous quotes, Kim?

This is October 4. These are all from October 2020. “It is God’s face we see when we look into each other’s eyes.” That was by that wise sage, the Reverend William Evertsberg, just a week or two ago, October 4. And this is, I think this is my favorite: “I think it’s wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly.” Stephen Wright. Bill, say that again.

Bill Ross: On Saturday October 24, we’re going to have two sessions, 9–11:30 and then 12:30–3, and there’s a lot of detailed information on the website about it because with all the covid protections and things you’ll actually need to sign in, and I think that information winds up coming to Sarah’s email and she’ll be sending out instructions you know on how that will work.

But just real quick I did want to say that while there are just four of us here today, the committee is actually about 14 people and they’re all listed, you know, on the website as well. And you know Kim put it best, you know it’s really a diverse and really fun group of people and I will just do a quick demo.

Sarah: Julie Smolucha and John Sharp helped a ton with this too so there’s church staff that support us in our efforts also.

Bill Ross: On the 24th we’re ultimately going to have just boxes and boxes and boxes of these calendars that come from the printer and they’re ready to go and it’s really pretty simple. You simply put a ring in and put it together, and on both sides, and then you put it into a box and we’ll be there to make sure the same amount going to every box and then we’re going to have some husky high school guys around hopefully to lug these heavy boxes back down into the storage for us, and there’s a 2021 calendar.

It’s a lot of socializing, it’s a pretty simple thing to do, and it’s a nice way to meet a lot of members of the church.

Bill Evertsberg: Thank you guys, Laurie Peterson who’s kind of off camera here, Kim Fitzgerald, Sarah Ross, Bill Ross, thank you for doing this for the church and for the deserving people, our neighbors in Chicagoland. Sarah and Bill, we’re here at their house. This is their backyard, so thank you for hosting us. Thank you to the 14 people who helped them and thank you to all of the armies of volunteers who are going to sign up for Saturday, October 24. God bless you.

Posted on October 19, 2020