Weddings, Baptisms, Memorials


All are welcome to celebrate or commemorate the most significant moments in our lives through special services at Kenilworth Union Church. Whether you are planning a wedding, and baptism, or a memorial service, you will find information to begin your journey below.


Those wishing to marry at Kenilworth Union Church should register as far in advance as possible. Contact Karen Gaynor to notify her of your intent and to begin scheduling. Karen can be reached by email or by calling 847-853-2636.

photo by Sophie Cazottes


The ministers at Kenilworth Union provide pastoral care and support to families who have lost a loved one. Please contact a minister to inform them of a death, and/or contact Karen Gaynor or call 847-853-2636 to make arrangements for a memorial and/or interment.


Baptisms for those of all ages are celebrated in the context of Sunday worship, and begin by meeting with a minister.

Please contact Karen Gaynor to schedule preparation sessions and baptism or call 847-853-2636.

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