St. Leonards Ministries

People Served/Type of Services: Life Transition Support, Support for formerly incarcerated individuals

Types of Help Needed: Activities with Agency Clients

Service Opportunity Details: Field Trip Coordinator: This volunteer would contact various cultural and educational organizations in Chicago to arrange for complimentary tickets for St. Leonard’s residents. The coordinator would coordinate dates for the field trips with St. Leonard’s staff, and communicate the upcoming events to St. Leonard’s residents. Field Trip Chaperone: Single volunteers or groups of volunteers would attend various field trips with St. Leonard’s residents to cultural and educational organizations in Chicago. The volunteer would travel in St. Leonard’s vehicles or provide their vehicle for transportation, and would serve as a point of contact for residents at the venue. This could also include participating in sports-related field trips, such as a softball or basketball game.

Location: Chicago-Near West Side

Volunteer Ages: Families with teens, Young Adults, Adults, Groups

Frequency: One-time, On-going, Periodic

Frequency Details: Field Trip Coordinator: This would be a weekly commitment of a few hours every week for 3-6 months. Can mostly be done telecommuting. Field Trip Chaperone: This would be either an ongoing commitment for 3 months for field trips, or a one-time experience.

Contact Info: Staff: Volunteer Coordinator, 312-780-3196

Other Information: St. Leonard’s volunteers often remark that they receive more from the experience than they give. We invite you to experience this first-hand.