Juvenile Protective Association

People Served/Type of Services: Education/Child and Adolescent Development, Children

Types of Help Needed: Activities with Agency Clients

Service Opportunity Details: Groups of volunteers participate in WeROCK (We Reach Out to Chicago’s Kids) throughout the school year. They spend a class period with 2nd–3rd graders presenting and then doing a simple project with the children developed by JPA. For example, groups have presented about young entrepreneurs and then helped the children think of and draw their own business ideas. The children then present their ideas to the class. We usually arrange to have 2–3 classrooms for each WeROCK, with 4–5 volunteers per classroom. The classrooms are located in the schools and neighborhoods JPA serves through its programs, and at least one JPA staff person is part of the group. Sometimes WeROCK sessions involve reading to/with the children.

Location: Chicago-West Loop

Volunteer Ages: Young Adults, Adults, Groups

Frequency: One-time or more

Frequency Details: We arrange WeROCK sessions based on classroom and volunteers’ schedules. Some groups have done WeROCK more than once in different schools.

Contact Info: Staff: Selma Walker, Organizer, 312-440-1203

Other Information: WeROCK has proven very enjoyable for all participants, who get to meet some great children from neighborhoods that are usually portrayed negatively. They are lively, eager, full of ideas (edible school supplies, for example!), and enjoy meeting and working with the WeROCK volunteers. Total time commitment (not including travel to the site) is about 2 hours per session. We meet beforehand to review the presentation, we have about 45–55 minutes with the children, and then meet briefly afterwards to share reactions, observations, etc.