Family Matters

People Served/Type of Services: Education/Child and Adolescent Development, Children, Teens

Types of Help Needed: Teaching, Tutoring, Coaching and Mentoring, College and Career Assistance

Service Opportunity Details: 1. Learning Labs engage youth in learning about new subjests and can take place in one interaction or over a series of experiences. Volunteers with a particular skill or interest facilitate a workshop that explores an interest area through a project-based approach. 2. High School/Post HS Readiness Initiative focuses on trasitioning students from 8th to 9th grade and from HS to post scondary school. Volunteers support students in completeing applications, researching financial aid opportunities, developing essays, and conducting the right fit/school selection process. 3. Feel Fit promotes health and wellness among youth and famlies. Volunteers facilitate cooking classes, dance and yoga sessions, and other activities that promote healthy diet, physical fitness, and emotional wellness.

Location: Chicago-Rogers Park

Volunteer Ages: Young adults, Adults

Frequency: One-time

Frequency Details:

Contact Info: Staff: Devon Lovell, Academic Director, 773-465-6011 ext. 115
Other Information: