By The Reverend Christine V. Hides

During Sunday’s Wondertime we read Ladybug Girl, the story of Lulu who has to make her own fun while everyone else in her family is too busy to play. All week long we’ve been making our own fun at Kenilworth Union Church during Vacation Bible School. We explored big ideas through “what if?” questions: What if God is beyond our imagination? What if we can magnify God’s love?

Some have asked about the songs and activities we did throughout the week. Here’s a list, including the link to the amazing food coloring experiment we did on day one!

Music: Alyssa Bennet did an outstanding job leading us in familiar songs like Praise Ye the Lord and God is so Good, as well as teaching us two new songs, The Heavens Declare and Magnificat. Enjoy this Spotify playlist of our VBS favorites.

The younger children made washable spray paint banners, bubble snakes, and seed crosses to help us remember that God’s love grows bigger and bigger!

Nicole Farely, a pastoral artist, led the creation of six banners that will be hung in the basement, adding pops of wonderful color, after summer construction is complete. Each day a new art material was used to explore our “What if” questions.

Stories and questions:

  • What if God is beyond our imagination? Psalm 19:1, “The heavens declare the glory of God.”
  • What if God’s love and God’s kingdom can grow bigger? Luke 1:35–55, The Magnificat.
  • What if God is closer? Luke 8:4–15, The Parable of the Sower.
  • What if there is enough? John 6:1–4, Loaves and Fishes
  • What if God calls us? Matthew 5:13–15, Salt and Light


The “Superman” grace was a fun way to thank God for food and time with friends. Thank you God, for VBS!

The Best of VBS

Thank You VBS Volunteers:
Wonders of God’s Universe was our seventh, amazing, Vacation Bible School, with 87 campers and counselors! Anne Faurot has done an excellent job envisioning, coordinating, and growing this ministry. Thank you Anne or creating a such a fun and wonder-filled week! Thank you also to all our wonderful Parent Volunteers who helped with registration, kitchen prep, kitchen clean up, scripture gift prep, all along with other special duties!  And thank you to our SUPERSTAR Counselors!

*Parents: Chris Beer, Kitty Bliss, Theresa Bosas, Brian Burden, Kristie Dold, Melanie Earle, Amy Hannus, Betsy Harooytan, Bridgette Hayes, Chris Jerome, Lauren Jerome, Corey Marchetti, Patricia Miller, Katie Nahrwold, Hillary Pavia, Janette, Julia Peterson, Virginia Reising, Jossie Sebrits, Alice Woodward, Jenny Worthington

*Counselors: Griffin Bilello, Nick Chang, Courtney Faurot, Wynne Hague, Eden Hunsader, Maggie James, Mimi James, Braden Jones, Dylan Levin, Daphne Lien, Laura Lien, Clare Nahrwold, Bella Nocera, Gabby Nocera, Lank Peterson, Mia Ruck, Katja Siebrits, Carter Smirl, Emma Smirl, Finn Smith

*Every effort is made to create a complete list of our volunteers. We apologize in advance for any errors or omissions.