Last weekend, Kenilworth Union members fulfilled Christmas needs and wishes for over 200 families facing difficult circumstances this holiday. Through the annual Lawrence Hall Wish List program and the Christopher House Family-to-Family drive, church members dropped off presents, gift cards, essential items, and hoped-for toys, spreading the giving spirit in this particularly challenging season. Many thanks go to Julia Peterson and Virginia Reising for coordinating the Lawrence Hall wish lists, and to Liz Dischner and Jessica LeFebvre for coordinating Family-to-Family.

From Virginia and Julia on Lawrence Hall: “This year we fulfilled 144 Wish Lists for Lawrence Hall. The recipients of the gifts ranged from 3-month-old babies to moms and dads. The most moving wish list was from a 16-year-old boy who asked for gifts to give to his 8-year-old niece. Also moving were the people from our community who signed up for wish lists, asking to be paired with children similar in age to their own kids so they could engage their children in the gift-giving process.”

From Liz and Jessica on Family-to-Family: “We collectively reached over 100 (101) Christopher House families during a challenging year. Kenilworth Union families gifted each member of their paired family with a gift or gift card and food store gift card. In addition to the families reached, various members of the Kenilworth Union congregation purchased additional food gift cards or chose to give directly to Christopher House’s Thrive Fund. The Thrive Fund supports struggling families in part by stocking the food pantry and providing emergency rental assistance.

We would like to thank Julie Smolucha and Michelle Gutowski for their invaluable service to continue making this program an annual success.