Evertsberg’s Sabbatical

Kathy Evertsberg, South Africa, Friday, May 27

Sabi Sabi Game Reserve Hi everyone, it's Kathy Evertsberg. We're sending our greetings from the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve. The lodge that we're staying is right to my right here, and the [...]

WAE Sighting in Kenilworth

Kathy (photographer) shot a picture of Doogie, Bill, Laura and Bruce Linger in Idaho. A few WAE sightings were reported this week at Kenilworth Union as Bill and Kathy changed their luggage from their [...]

A Coincidence at the Grand Canyon

Kathy Evertsberg Hello Friends! My name is Kathy Evertsberg. I'm married to one of the ministers at Kenilworth Union Church. As you can tell, I'm channeling words and looks from my husband [...]

Zion National Park Court of the Four Patriarchs

Bill and Kathy Evertsberg’s Sabbatical April 30, 2022 Hi Kenilworth Union Church, it's Bill Evertsberg. I'm recording this on Saturday, April 30. Some of you went to the Outreach Benefit last night [...]

Bryce Canyon National Park: Hoodoos

Bill and Kathy Evertsberg's Sabbatical April 29, 2022 Hi Kenilworth Union Church, I'm Bill Evertsberg. It's April 29, a Friday, and day 13 of my sabbatical. We're at Bryce Canyon National Park, [...]


from Bill Evertsberg If you find yourself under-challenged when planning a month-long, 7,000-mile trip to the west coast and want to test your organizational skills, add a dog to the trip and stop at [...]

Discovering Scotland

Inverness to Mull

Sunday, October 6, 2019 Day 5: Kenilworth pilgrims celebrated World Communion Sunday at the Fort Augustus Kirk of Scotland, Inverness where the Reverend Anthony Jones preached an elegant sermon about the feeding of [...]

My Heart’s in the Highlands

Saturday, October 5, 2019 Day 4: We drove north from Perth into the beautiful landscape of the highlands. A distillery visit and at the Highland Folk Museum we find model of Jamie Frasier [...]

Braveheart Territory, Stirling

Friday, October 4, We begin the day with a guided tour in St. John’s Kirk of Perth. Here John Knox preached the sermon which set light to the Reformation in Scotland. A short coach ride then brings us to Stirling—a city steeped in history. We hear about two of Scotland’s greatest heroes, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Stirling Castle, sitting on a volcanic crag, fortified since ancient times, provides a memorable visit.

St. Andrews

Thursday, October 3, 2019 Patrick Hamilton (1504–1528) known as the first martyr of the Scottish Reformation. St. Andrews professor Hamilton learned Luther’s teaching at the [...]

Welcome to Scotland

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 Adam Smith David Hume John Knox at St. Giles Cathedral Kathy Evertsberg and Sue Smart Day One of our pilgrimage to the [...]

Jesus Trail

Jesus Trail, V: Arbel to Capernaum

The weather had altered our hiking plans creating an opportunity to stop in Migdal at a synagogue ruin that would have been standing at the time Jesus traveled through the area.

Jesus Trail, IV: Holy Ground

How little did we know a stop in the Kibbutz’s synagogue where we stayed would be necessary rest before an arduous day of ascents and muddy-slick descents through the Galilean valley...

Jesus Trail, III: The Ordinary Made Extraordinary

After a steep, heart-racing ascent to the top of Nazareth, we descended into a valley covered in spring wildflowers. We walked through areas with brushes blooming at our shoulders, knees, and ankles...

Jesus Trail, II: Journey to Nazareth

While we were walking the steep roads and learning the common sentence for why a blasphemer was to be thrown off a cliff twice a man’s height, we had a visceral experience of this story...

Jesus Trail, I: Laying the Foundation

Fueled by sun and warmth some of us ventured into Old Jaffe to walk ourselves out of jet lag. There we entered St. Peters and slipped into a pew to listen to a mass said in German...