Inverness to Mull

Sunday, October 6, 2019 Day 5: Kenilworth pilgrims celebrated World Communion Sunday at the Fort Augustus Kirk of Scotland, Inverness where the Reverend Anthony Jones preached an elegant sermon about the feeding of [...]

My Heart’s in the Highlands

Saturday, October 5, 2019 Day 4: We drove north from Perth into the beautiful landscape of the highlands. A distillery visit and at the Highland Folk Museum we find model of Jamie Frasier [...]

Braveheart Territory, Stirling

Friday, October 4, We begin the day with a guided tour in St. John’s Kirk of Perth. Here John Knox preached the sermon which set light to the Reformation in Scotland. A short coach ride then brings us to Stirling—a city steeped in history. We hear about two of Scotland’s greatest heroes, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Stirling Castle, sitting on a volcanic crag, fortified since ancient times, provides a memorable visit.

St. Andrews

Thursday, October 3, 2019 Patrick Hamilton (1504–1528) known as the first martyr of the Scottish Reformation. St. Andrews professor Hamilton learned Luther’s teaching at the [...]

Welcome to Scotland

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 Adam Smith David Hume John Knox at St. Giles Cathedral Kathy Evertsberg and Sue Smart Day One of our pilgrimage to the [...]

Jesus Trail, V: Arbel to Capernaum

The weather had altered our hiking plans creating an opportunity to stop in Migdal at a synagogue ruin that would have been standing at the time Jesus traveled through the area.

Jesus Trail, IV: Holy Ground

How little did we know a stop in the Kibbutz’s synagogue where we stayed would be necessary rest before an arduous day of ascents and muddy-slick descents through the Galilean valley...

Jesus Trail, III: The Ordinary Made Extraordinary

After a steep, heart-racing ascent to the top of Nazareth, we descended into a valley covered in spring wildflowers. We walked through areas with brushes blooming at our shoulders, knees, and ankles...

Jesus Trail, II: Journey to Nazareth

While we were walking the steep roads and learning the common sentence for why a blasphemer was to be thrown off a cliff twice a man’s height, we had a visceral experience of this story...

Jesus Trail, I: Laying the Foundation

Fueled by sun and warmth some of us ventured into Old Jaffe to walk ourselves out of jet lag. There we entered St. Peters and slipped into a pew to listen to a mass said in German...