The Reverend William A. Evertsberg
Meg Revord, President, Board of Trustees

I was glad when they said unto me, let us go to the house of the Lord. —Psalm 122:1

With another challenging year behind us, we look back with thanks (and relief) that our Church community remains vibrant, and we are grateful for all the blessings we have received.

As you will see in this Annual Report, despite pandemic forces, we worshiped safely together in person and online, children’s ministry thrived, youth programs swelled with members and guests, and we continued to serve our community through our in-reach congregational care and our generous commitment to needy outreach programs.

We look forward to the next year with anticipation—and uncertainty—but with the confidence that our Church community will pull together to help each other and to help others. We are working hard to be together, to nurture our personal connections, to build our faith and to do God’s work.

Our next sermon series, (Re)Birth of the Church, will focus on the pillars of our Church: worshipping together, building community, fostering education, helping each other through Congregational Care (in reach), helping others through Christian Outreach and service, nurturing our faith, and the importance of generosity and stewardship.

The pandemic has impacted our Church community in many ways, not the least of which is we have not been seeing each other as often as we would like.

We look forward to welcoming you back in person to Kenilworth Union Church, and please know that the Church has worked very hard to safely be together in worship and programs. We come together as a Church community to pray together, to sing together, to rejoice together, to help to bear each other’s burdens, and of course to listen for God’s word. Some of you or your family members may not be ready to come back in person. We miss you, we hope you remain with us in spirit (and online!), and pray that we will be together again soon.

Thank you all for your contributions to another successful year at Kenilworth Union Church. We are honored to serve as your leaders.