By The Reverend Dr. Jo Forrest

The crowns on the streetlights in Jasper BC are more than a nod to the town’s settlement during Victoria’s reign. In fact, they don’t look like much of a crown but are there to ensure the light is focused downward and does not fill the sky.

Jasper is nestled in the second largest dark sky preserve in the world. Respect for the night sky pervades the town just as much as properly disposing of garbage in bear-resistant garbage cans. Perhaps you know of other dark sky preserves in Canada or northern Michigan?

All animals in our ecosystem need darkness, even humans. At the most basic level, we are only able to see with contrasts. All light is as blinding as complete darkness.

Our Quiet Christmas service will dial back the frenzy of the holidays. We will acknowledge the darkness in our lives from heartache, the need for all to be “right,” and the elusive melancholy from the days’ darkness. We will also rest in the warmth of candlelight, the comforting presence of others, listen to readings from fellow members, and admit that we wait and hope for God’s light. It feels very safe. It feels very healthy to finally see stars again.

Posted on December 7, 2018