Please join The Reverends, Dr. William A. Evertsberg and Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster for an Epiphany Sermon Series. We will follow the miracles and teachings of Jesus ending with the Transfiguration.

“During the season of Epiphany this year from Christmas to Lent, the Revised Common Lectionary is giving us Gospel stories from the early ministry of Jesus from the visit of the Magi to his Transfiguration on the Holy Mountain, and since in my lengthening lifetime there has never been a time when the Christ-like virtues were more needed, I thought we could see what we could learn from the Lord how to do our own small part to address this ‘persistent hum of incivility.'” —The Reverend William A. Evertsberg

Sunday Lectionary Sermon Theme Sermon Title
Jan. 9 Luke 3:15–22 Jesus’ Baptism Baptism by Fire
Jan. 16 Luke 4:14–30  First Sermon Nazareth Free at Last!
Jan. 23 John 2:1–11 Wedding at Cana In Every Glass of Common Water, Hints of Garnet-Gold
Jan. 30 Luke 5:1–11 Empty Nets Call of Disciples That Mirror of  Strange Glories
Feb. 6 Luke 5:27–39 Taxes and  Fasting A Whisper Will Be Heard
Feb. 13 Luke 6:17–26 Beatitudes Posse Ipsum
Feb. 20 Luke 6:27–38 Love Your Enemies The Church of Not Being Horrible
Feb. 27 Luke 9:28–36 Transfiguration Mountains Beyond Mountains