Earth, Wind & Fire (& Water)

For a few weeks in 1975, my senior year in high school, the sixth album of the funk fusion band Earth, Wind & Fire reached the top of the pop charts in the U.S., and they’ve been around ever since. You probably knew this, but I didn’t know this till this morning: The band Earth, Wind & Fire was born and raised in Chicago.

It’s probably the greatest band name of them all, don’t you think? Greek and Roman philosophy taught that the four constituent elements of earth, wind, fire, and water were the basic building blocks of the universe, and even the New Testament curtsies to this idea. The group name EWF is an allusion to that ancient wisdom. Listening the other day to an old EWF song from my high school days inspired an idea for a sermon series: The Elemental Spirits.

Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water will teach us something about who God is and who we are.

         January 12 & 19                          The Elemental Spirits: Earth

         January 26                                   The Elemental Spirits: Wind

         February 2                                   Gospel Sunday

         February 9                                   The Elemental Spirits: Fire

         *February 16                                 The Elemental Spirits: Water

*A dialogue sermon with local attorney and Great Lakes Water Czar Cameron Davis.