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March 20, 2019

The Cradle a Benefit Featured Agency

Written by: Julia Smolucha


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By Rachael Riggs-Gowe

We would like to give you a quick introduction into the work of one of our highlighted charities, The Cradle, for this year’s Outreach Benefit on Friday, April 26 at Michigan Shores.

About four years ago, I became a co-liaison to The Cradle. I had no idea that it would change me the way this experience has.

At the meeting on my first site visit I learned something that just blew me away. Did you know that a large part of The Cradle’s budget goes to marketing? I know you are asking the same question I was…

They do this to be the first listing on a Google search when a pregnant woman is deciding what to do with her pregnancy. There are so many for-profit people in the adoption business that don’t look out for all of those involved in an adoption, unlike The Cradle that cares for the entire “family” of the child that is being adopted.

The Cradle is in Evanston and has been there since 1923, when it was it was all started by Florence Dahl Walrath who became an advocate for adoption after matching her sister with a baby from a birth mother who didn’t know where else to turn.

Over the years The Cradle has placed babies with hundreds of families. Today they place around 80 babies a year.  Some of these babies come in drug-addicted and have special needs and it can be hard to find the right fit for them but the staff at The Cradle find that perfect match for all of their babies.

In addition to the placement the Cradle has an amazing program to support the birth mom with her decision. Many choose to keep their babies when the time comes and many choose to make the best decision for the baby and select an adoptive family. It is true blessing to see what all of these people do.

The building offers all kinds of space for the staff, the families to gather, and on the 3rd floor the nursery is tucked away so that these babies get the full attention of the nursing staff. Of course we all want to hold them but the nurses at The Cradle are very strict. Only licensed caring staff and cuddlers are able to hold them, such as Kenilworth Union’s John Barry who is an approved cuddler and whose daughter was a nurse there, and it is through him we got to know The Cradle at Kenilworth Union.

We are blessed to be able to support such an amazing cause for the little people of our world.

Please join my co-liaison Kitty Bliss and me and many others from the outreach family on April 26 where you can meet the Cradle team as they will be joining us and sharing more.