George Wishart, Stewardship Committee Chair

The Stewardship Campaign theme, All of Me, All of Us, feels especially timely and relevant given the hardship that our community, nation and world are facing. Now more than ever God seems to want all of us and all of what we can offer—our time, our energy, our resources, our love—as we seek to bring God’s kingdom to earth.

This month’s sermon series has reminded us of God’s abundance and generosity. We invite you to dedicate your time, talent, and treasure back to God via the online form or by returning the pledge card you received in the mail. Our goal is 100% participation across the congregation, because we are all critically important to the strength and legacy of Kenilworth Union Church. If you are new to the church or new to pledging, please see this overview of the process. Questions? Please contact me at George Wishart. Thank you for giving your all, in myriad ways, to the community of Kenilworth Union Church.

Posted on September 24, 2020