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2021 Wilderness Confirmation

From the journal of Silvi Pirn Early last week I was trudging up a 500 foot uphill climb on our six-mile trail over rocks and roots with what felt like 80 pounds strapped to my back (probably closer to 40 lbs.—but it felt so heavy!) The weather was hot. I was drenched in [...]

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Pay Attention to the Pain

By Silvi Pirn Some time toward the end of last summer, I decided—or maybe it was God who decided for me—that the theme for this year’s IMPACT High School program would be “Pain.” Our high schoolers have been preparing to work in the Bahamas this year. Hurricane Dorian destroyed swaths [...]

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January Youth Update

By Silvi Pirn Take me by the hand;Lead me down the path of truth.You are my Savior, aren’t you?—Psalm 25:5There is no path more important for young people to find and follow than the one of God’s truth and purpose. Claire and I, your youth directors, are humbled and delighted to be here to [...]