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Hybrid Bible Read Along—Selected Psalms

Wednesdays, 9:15–10 a.m. Online and in-person in the Centennial Room June 2–July 28 The Bible Read Along group welcomes new participants who wish to explore the poetry of the Psalms. No prior reading or experience is necessary. This is a hybrid class; you may drop-in online or in person as you are able to [...]

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Prayers of the People May 9, 2021

God, giver of life and author of compassion, we celebrate your gift of love that nurtures in ways that are tender and courageous, bold and kind, mysterious and enduring.Today we pause to recognize the ways Christ’s abiding love is embodied in this congregation: In those who knit care into every stitch of the prayer blankets, in the taste [...]

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Wisdom of the “J” Curve

The Reverend Christine V. Hides Hilary Scott shared this reflection on the ways their family dinners have evolved over the last 14 months: “Last night after dinner, Thomas, my 7th grader, said 'do you remember last year at this time when we were having all of those elaborate [...]

Prayers of the People April 25, 2021

Holy God, Breath of Heaven, Our Light and Salvation, We inhale and we exhale, every breath becoming a prayer of gratitude, for it is you who, with a word, breathed light and life into creation. And it is you, Holy God, who breathes sacred life into our very beings. We breathe in your grace [...]

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Prayers of the People March 28, 2021

The Reverend Christine V. Hides Holy, Gracious, and Everlasting God On Palm Sunday we are reminded that under the rule of an unjust and violent empire, your people suffered. In the midst of that suffering, your word became flesh in Jesus Christ, revealing divine love, true justice, and the gloriousness of your desire [...]

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Family Faith Formation Registration

The purpose of Children and Family Ministry is to help families develop meaningful relationships with God and others, engage with church rituals and traditions, make faith relevant to daily life, and find Christ’s comfort and HOPE—even in the midst of a pandemic. Choose from three pathway classes for families on Sundays, registration is required, [...]