By The Reverend Dr. Jo Forrest

When people step inside our church, rather than find rigidity they are surprised by what is best described as a big, broad tent. Members differ in their conceptions of God, partisan affiliations, interest in scripture, wealth, preferences for decaf or regular, and tenure to name just a few aspects. One of the reasons our church has endured for so long in this community rests on our founders’ commitment to worship and serve without limitations of creed or doctrines. Too many rules get in the way of growth. Our diversity becomes our strength, giving each of us the freedom to be unique. Love of God and neighbor are clear enough.

Consider who you may invite to explore membership at Kenilworth Union. This may be someone who you know loves Jesus and we would thrive with their presence. Or someone who may need a helping hand during a rough patch. Next week we offer several opportunities to peek inside our big, broad tent.  Make an invitation. Surprise us. Surprise yourself by sharing the good news.