The Reverend Dr. William A. Evertsberg

Almost the entire Hebrew Bible is singularly focused on the unique status of the Jewish tribe and the exclusive blessing God has reserved for it. The Jews are the chosen people. Israel is the favored nation. Canaan is the promised land. And Yahweh is the one true God.

However, there are two minority reports in the Hebrew Bible which suggest that God’s love is broader, God’s grace more inclusive, and God’s care less discriminating.

Both Minority Reports are charming short stories. Very short. The Book of Jonah is 48 verses and 1320 words long, or about the length of one of my sermons.  The Book of Ruth is 85 verses and 2574 words long, or about the length of two sermons, way shorter than a story from Poe, Twain, Wharton, O’Connor, Updike, or another known master of the art.

But it’s tough to see how the faith of the ages could do without their alternative truth. I hope you’ll join us this summer as we look at these inimitable treasures of the narrative craft.

Two Minority Reports in the Hebrew Bible

Date Scripture Sermon Title
May 28 Ruth 1:1–5 I: Grief
June 4 Ruth 1:6–12 II: Loyalty
June 11 Ruth 2 III: Friendship
June 18 Ruth 3 IV: Seduction
June 25 Ruth 4 V: Royalty

Kelly Latimore, Iconography Artist: “Kelly’s art is a ‘holy pondering’, meditation, and process that potentially brings about a new way of seeing for himself and the viewer.” Visit for more information about ‘Ruth and Naomi’, Kelly, and his work.

Jonah and the Whale, Pieter Lastman, Dutch Painter (1583–1633). This is one of the most famous paintings of Jonah and the Whale and was created in 1621.
Date Scripture Sermon Title
July 2 Jonah 1:1–16 VI: The Inescapable Call of God
July 9 Jonah 1:17–2:10 VII: The Inescapable Presence of God
July 16 Jonah 3 VIII: The Inescapable Tasks of God
July 23 Jonah 4 IX: The Inescapable Love of God