Though I am new to the Stewardship committee, I am not new to Stewardship as a concept. Let me explain why.

In 1898 my ancestors were granted thousands of acres of remote land with stunning beauty—rocks scraped bare by glaciers, the west winds shaping the pines, and the tranquility that only God can create. Over time, we descendant families have all realized that, regardless of ownership, this land is bigger than any one of us and is not really ours at all. It is a life lesson—everything that we are and have belongs to God, not to us. We are only guests on this earth. We are merely the stewards for this generation and our role is to preserve this unique landscape for future generations.

Kenilworth Union Church is no different. It is a place that wraps us in God’s embrace in many ways. For me it the warmth of the music program; it is the words of our pastors that help calibrate my compass; and it is the kindness of the Kenilworth Union family that welcomed my family so many years ago. Others connect in different ways—engaging in the youth ministry, seeking comfort from a Stephen Minister, participating in a mission trip, joining the choir, attending the adult education programs, supporting our outreach activities, or reaching out to our ministers for support in celebration and in loss.

As a result, it is our responsibility to be good Stewards of all things Kenilworth Union—it is important that we Steward our youth, Steward our sick or suffering, Steward our music program, be good Stewards to our ministers and staff, and of the facilities, and give generously of not just money but of our time and our abilities.

For those who have already pledged—thank you. Pledging is a very personal thing. We recognize that each family has to tailor its financial support based upon their own circumstances. If you have not yet pledged, there is still time and we ask you to look into your hearts and give what you can. Whatever you pledge, your congregation is most grateful for the financial support.

Our church has a 126-year history of serving our families, children, and youth, and we invite you to participate in supporting the church’s financial stability and preserving Kenilworth Union as a cornerstone of our community. It is through our gifts that we can provide this welcoming home to all.

Bless you and thank you for sharing your gratitude for God’s spirit by supporting our beloved Kenilworth Union Church.

Please make your pledge to the 2019–2020 All of Me, All of Us stewardship campaign today.
Payments are due by June 30, 2020, the close of our fiscal year.