Stewardship of the Mind

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God—what is good and acceptable and perfect. —Romans 12:2

Let’s be honest; most people in our country don’t drag themselves, much less their children, out of bed early each Sunday morning to attend church. The demands of this world—emails, deadlines, activities, social and family commitments—don’t pause for worship. Attending church on Sunday is decidedly non-conformist.

It’s also decidedly essential.

Renewal of our minds requires respite from the world. It requires time and space, an emptying before a refilling. Renewal requires God’s presence.

Stewarding our minds is about discerning God’s will. Many of us recall the WWJD wristbands, popular decades ago, that prompted people to ask “What would Jesus do?” It’s often a good question. Equally important to discernment, though, is asking “What would Jesus think?” and “How would Jesus feel?” These questions help us enter into the mind of Christ.

When we are present in the sanctuary, we pause and reflect on what is good and acceptable and perfect. Sometimes music opens a window to the holy and sacred. Other times God’s word speaks so loudly and forcefully it catches our breath. Always God emanates from the people in the pews around us. We exit the sanctuary doors each week equipped to put on the mind of Christ, having rubbed shoulders with other believers, having tasted the Communion elements, and having lifted our voices together in praise.

Discern is not a passive verb. Let’s actively renew our minds by committing to being in God’s house each week. Let’s be transformed together.

Prayer: God, help me get out of bed on Sunday morning to be with you and your people. Renew my mind and spirit.

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