Stewardship of Time

“My times are in your hands.” —Psalm 31:15

“God has made everything fitting in its time.” —Ecclesiastes 3:11

Do you wear a watch? Or do you now rely on your cell phone to tell you what time it is?

Mechanical clocks were developed by monks in medieval Europe in order to mark hourly time to pray. Your watch (or your cell phone clock) began as a spiritual accessory, a reminder to connect with God.

Now, the ticking clock might seem antithetical to spirituality—a symbol of our frenzied overworked society, a sign of the dehumanization of industrialized life in the labor force measured in seconds. But time was and continues to be a gift from God, a gift that we have the privilege of stewarding.

How do we make sacred the time allotted to us in life? How do we carve out time for God? And, is “carving out” even the right metaphor for how we give time to God—as if the time were ours to begin with, instead of already a sacred ingredient in our shared lives? Is it possible to reclaim time as belonging to God? What about time for the sake of God’s hurting, hungry, heartbroken people?

At the start of this week, take time alone and invite God into your calendaring—at home and at work. Allow God to help you see your schedule with new eyes and adjust where you feel the Spirit prompting you.

Prayer: God, guide our time. Amen.

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