Bev Lang

Bill’s sermon is titled “Rock Star, II: Philanthropist,” perfect for this Sunday as it is Stewardship Sunday. The Board of Trustees has prepared an operating budget that is thoughtful and carefully prepared so that we may reach all members, from our youngest children in our Bright Beginnings room on Sunday mornings to Sunday School, Sunday Services, Youth Programs, Christian Education, Adult Education, Music Programs, and Outreach. All these strengthen each of us and connect us to one another and this wonderful Church.

Remember: Ten percent of every dollar that is pledged will go directly to our Outreach Agencies. Ten percent may not sound like a lot of money, but when you add up all the families pledging, it amounts to $210,000, once we make our goal of $2.1 million.

Hopefully all of you have received your stewardship letter and pledge card. Our $2.1 million goal this year is slightly increased over last year. What this means is that if our average pledge reaches $3,200 we will meet our goal. Some families might not be able to give at that level but other families are able to give much more.

Please make your pledge today online at or by phone to me, Bev Lang or one of the co-chairs: Dave Gezon, George Wishart, or Laura Linger. We are only asking that you make your pledge commitment today not pay your pledge. Your contribution is not due until Sunday, June 30, 2019.

We will announce on Sunday our pledge tally. Please give generously to help support our ministers, staff, and all the wonderful programs. It takes all of us to sustain the mission of Kenilworth Union.

In gratitude,
Bev Lang
Director of Business Operations