The Reverend Christine V. Hides

Moments of gratitude from Sunday:

A friend from Ohio recently shared some of the challenges she is having with her son’s attitude about e-learning. He is not motivated or organized. As we talked, I noticed her focus began to shift. At the end of the call she surprised me saying, “though this is hard, I am grateful to be having these conversations now so that he will learn the skills he needs when he gets to high school.”

Gratitude. The simple practice of saying thank you is a key ingredient of both happiness and faith. The source of our desire to love God and neighbor is thankfulness for the abundant gifts God provides. No, nothing feels normal right now. People are facing real challenges and uncertainty. And, in both the joyful and the hard times, we have opportunities to practice gratitude.


More creative ways to practice gratitude with children can be found in the “topics” section of CONNECT, our online learning community. Kenilworth Union families are invited to join using this link.