Dear Church Family,

Our Task Force is establishing procedures, rules, and guidelines for a phased return to in-person church. Our plans will roughly follow the Restore Illinois Plan, currently in “Phase 3”.  We anticipate moving to a modified “Phase 4” on July 5—later than Illinois, but allowing staff time to put appropriate measures in place. While more access and in-person gatherings are being planned for phase 4, we will introduce those gradually with health and safety in mind. We are so grateful for your continued faithfulness and patience.

COVID-19 Restore Illinois
Phase 3: June 1–July 4 an Estimated Timeline for the Church.

Online OR private services with restrictions.
Building is closed.
Visits by appointment only.

Pastoral Care:
Online OR in-person care with restrictions.

Children and Family + Youth Ministries
Online OR by appointment.

Online OR 10 people or fewer. Private services and restricted meetings by appointment.

Physical Distance:
Six feet distance between individuals or family groups in building and at gatherings.

No group singing or recitation. Non-wind instrumental music only.

Limit Contact for any gathering. No handshakes or hugs. No printed bulletins, bible, or hymnals. No shared/passed items.

Face Coverings:
Required in building and at gatherings for those over 2 years.

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