The Reverend Christine V. Hides

This month we are highlighting a new age level each week, sharing the focus of Sunday school. This week highlights fourth grade.

The first part of the fourth grade year is focused on learning to use and study the Bible—which is especially appropriate given that they just received Bibles a few months ago.

The goal is to equip young people to read, study, and interpret the Bible for themselves. Each week we focus on one thing to think about before reading any Bible passage. So far we have dived into:

  • Who? Author and Audience—the Bible is a collection of writings written by multiple authors and edited over time
  • What? Genre—the Bible is a collection of many kinds of writings
  • When? Context—what was happening at the time of the writing and what is happening now influences our interpretation
  • Where? Geography
  • Why? Interpretation—we read the Bible and make meaning through many layers and lenses

Next week we will begin wrapping up the unit with How? Reading Closely, where fourth graders will practice interpreting various texts. If you would like to learn more about what fourth graders are studying, please visit CONNECT—our one-stop shop for Children and Family Ministry information, events, and connection.