1. The sale starts at 8 a.m. Thursday and Saturday. Savvy shoppers line up hours before then, in one of two lines, no shoppers will be admitted at other entrances:
    • One line starting at the front southeast door of the main church building
    • One line starting at the side southwest door of the main church building
  2. For maximum choice, come to the Premium Presale July 12. You’ll pay 50 percent more, but you’ll have your pick of all that’s been donated. Since most items are one of a kind, shopping the Presale gives you the opportunity to purchase treasures that might not still be around on Saturday.
  3. For maximum bargains, come to the Grand Sale July 14, where you’ll pay regular price. Don’t worry: so many wonderful items have been donated that there’s always plenty to choose from. And if you’re able to stay, listen for the bag sales and other deep discounts that are often available as the end approaches.
  4. No negotiating, please; remember that the sale raises funds for community outreach programs.
  5. Kenilworth Union Church will have some food and beverages available for purchase by shoppers.
  6. Develop a systematic shopping strategy. While standing in line, get a guide showing the layout of departments and use your waiting time to figure out where you want to go.
  7. Don’t miss out on a fantastic find because you can’t pay for it. Kenilworth Union Church does not take credit or debit cards and will take checks only if the name and address on the check match the information on the driver’s license. Be sure to bring plenty of cash or checks: if you shop in multiple departments (as most people do), you will need a separate check for each department. All items must be paid for before you leave a department. We don’t put items on hold and there are no ATMs nearby.
  8. Some streets surrounding the sale have parking restrictions. So eliminate the risk of a ticket by parking legally and monitoring time limits. Finding a parking ticket after a sensational shopping spree quickly cools a marvelous mood.
  9. Travel light. Our sale can’t accommodate strollers and you won’t be able to carry big bags as you shop. So we suggest bringing your important things in a small fanny pack or wearable pouch and leaving your jacket in the car to reduce the risk of losing them.
  10. Do take frequent advantage of the free bag check in the sanctuary. Having your arms free to shop and move through crowds easily will enable you to better hunt for all the bargains.
  11. If you plan to try on clothing, wear form fitting clothes or a leotard. There are only a few dressing rooms in the Women’s Department and Designer Boutique, so you may need to improvise.
  12. When you see an item, quickly grab and buy it. If you hesitate, someone else will snatch it up.
  13. Inspect every item closely before you buy to avoid remorse and disappointment. Everything is sold “as is” and items cannot be returned or exchanged.
  14. Channel your inner Dalai Lama and bring patience and kindness. Checkout lines can be long.
  15. Remember that everyone working at Rummage is a volunteer. These selfless sale volunteers are doing their best to get you out and on to the next department as quickly as possible. So please, smile at them!
  16. Share all your fabulous finds with your bargain-loving buddies so they’ll come with you to next year’s sale.