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Families: Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them

Date: August 10, 2014

Bible Text: Genesis 37:1-8, 12-28 |

As Katie and I plotted the DysFUNctional Family sermon series and considered what images this story of Joseph created, she immediately found on YouTube a TV commercial for Direct TV, which parallels Joseph’s plight. You may recall it because it was both humorous and annoying. The short commercial opens with

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Date: August 3, 2014

Bible Text: Genesis 32:1-13, 23-32 |

I regret to remind you of what’s going on every day, what we don’t want to notice and will suddenly sneak up on us. Since the middle of June, we have lost close to an hour of sunlight. I notice this in the morning, walking the dogs and

Jacob’s Adventures at Camp Haran

Date: July 27, 2014

Bible Text: Genesis 27: 18-23, 41-45, 29:15-28 |

Click here to listen to this sermon. After a fabulous sermon series, discerning what faithful congregations do, we will shift gears. While Bill is away at his summer preaching home, Katie and I hope you will join us for a sermon series of our early