November 8, 2020

“Sawubona” is the Zulu word for “hello.” There’s a beautiful and powerful intention behind the word because “sawubona” literally translated means, “I see you, and by seeing you, I bring you into being.” So beautiful, imagine being greeted like that. But what does it take in the way we see ourselves? Our thoughts, our emotions and our stories that help us to thrive in an increasingly complex and fraught world?  Susan David

Emotional agility is the practice of moving beyond a rigid understanding of feelings as being simply happy or sad, good or bad, positive or negative. Pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. Check in with your body. What emotions are you feeling? Are these feelings in your head, heart, or abdomen? Be curious. 

Take another breath and read these words from Psalm 139, “O Lord, you have searched me and know me.”

God has brought you into being and sees you today. Sawubona.