November 1, 2020

Those who are receiving gratitude devotions in their inbox will continue to receive devotions on resilience and hope. If you are not on our list and would like to be, please sign up here.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the daily devotionals. Since we began this ministry on Ash Wednesday, each new theme continued to attract more readers. Your comments and response fuel our commitment to continue.

The tensions from COVID-19, isolations, racial tension, elections, along with ongoing struggles personal to each of us will turn us from devotions of gratitude to a new series on resilience and hope.

Our entire faith story began with families estranged, communities in exile, and continued through the death of our savior. Our Bible recounts catastrophic human trauma and at the same time looks at the devastation with clear-eyed hope.

In the coming weeks, the devotions will range from specific spiritual practices for you to consider, remind you of who gave you life and will claim you in death, ideas to hone your perspective, and we hope will ground you in faith.

Jo Forrest and Christine Hides