Third Grade Activity

You are safe. You are loved. You belong. This is the foundation of all our teaching and learning at Kenilworth Union Church. Even on our toughest days, when we find it hard to remember these three things, God meets us where we are—in joy, in sadness, in laughter, in fear. The complexity of human emotions is reflected in the Psalms—the sacred songs found in the very middle of our Bible.

Next week our 3rd graders will begin learning the comforting words of Psalm 23 by heart. Download and cut apart these cards that match Psalms with different feelings. Read a few together as a family. Tuck them into your Bible and turn to them when you need to be reminded that God is present with in each moment. Psalms for Young Children by Delval, and Prayers Before an Awesome God by Haas are two adaptations of Psalms with language that appeals to children and youth.