Rev. Dr. Nicholas A. Pearce

The God of the Next Generation

For me it clicked on my first Father’s Day. All the work I’ve been doing, all the revenue that I have been working to generate, for my families bottom line. I recognize that none of it meant anything outside of the fact that I had this son, because my son was actually the owner of all of it.

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The (Re)Birth of the Church VII : Prayer

What it means to be Christian is that we have been called out of darkness into God's marvelous light. The Church if we are honest over the last several decades in American life, has been on auto-pilot, because we've had a prevailing cultural tail-wind at our backs pushing us forward into legitimacy and comfort.

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Eternal God how excellent is your name in all the earth we give you honor and glory for the gift of this day and for the gift of this time of worship. We pray now that as we approach your word, which is a lamp unto our feet, and light unto our pathway, that you...

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It’s Not My Issue

Bible Text: Matthew 27:22–24 | Preacher: Rev. Dr. Nicholas Pearce | Click here to listen to the podcast of this sermon. I tell you this morning I've tried him and I know him and I found him to be a friend. A friend to the friendless, a mother to the motherless, a...

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