The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

With gratitude, we worship you, God of the Lenten journey. With your path underfoot, we enter a muscular trust, your safekeeping evident even when what comes next is unknown and unpredictable. Bound together, we depend on your protection, for in its own way the shared distress of our international community is inescapable, and our hearts are drawn east as we watch Ukranians seeking out bomb shelters and basements, stockpiling food and medical supplies, and making unthinkable decisions in the darkness of night. As we seek peace, make holy every failure, blessing every attempt to walk the trail toward ceasefire. May peace penetrate even the hardest of hearts. Do not snuff out hope. Scatter seeds of possibility along the debris-showered streets. Make a way, O God. Make a way.

We pray for all who are in danger. For the global south, still ravaged by COVID, slowly, faithful distributing vaccines day after day. For countries still in semi-lockdown. For those who carry the weight of grief and fog of exhaustion. For those facing holy frustration and hardship around every corner. For those worried about their children. For those forging a new identity, unwanted. For those rustling up something new despite the swirl of uncertainty. Give us courage, O God. Give us resolve. Give us fortitude to faithfully face whatever is ahead. Give us wisdom, knowledge, and joy, making everything fitting in its time.

We see you as the sun rises and sets, returning again each morning to the place where it dawns. We see you as the wind blows south, north, east, around and around retuning again. We see you as the streams flow to the sea but the sea is never full, continuing to flow. Let us see you anew as spring unfolds, day after day, a shift, a bloom, a shimmer, a whir, a possibility stretching out before us.

And hear us as we pray the prayer Jesus teaches us saying: Our Father…. Amen.

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