The Reverend Christine V. Hides

Holy God, you make us, form us, and call us by name,
You see us as we are, beautifully created in your image,
Imperfect, human reflections of your divine love.
Our words and memories fall short
As we try to name your blessings,
Blessings which pour over us daily,
Gifts of life, companionship, and love.

In the coziness of the familiar,
In the warmth that lingers after the decorations have been put away,
In new and renewed connections of this year,
In living as the people you created us to be,
we find deep joy,
the gentle-winged peace of your presence.

In anguish over lost opportunities and regrettable mistakes,
In uncertainty that threatens to overwhelm,
In lingering lament, in grief and in loss,
Let us not fear, for we are yours.

When tensions from a year ago remain, unresolved,
When truth is buried in a mound of misinformation,
When case counts and positivity rates rise,
When many have no shelter in the cold,
Grant us wisdom to follow your path.
Make a way for those tireless peacemakers, caregivers,
Healthcare, and front-line workers who put your love into action.
Let us not fear, for we are yours.

All that seems impossible,
All that seems unspeakable,
All that is not yet ours to know,
We offer in silence…
Let us not fear, for we are yours.

In the words of the prophets you declare you are with us in every trial,
We are precious to you, you redeem us,
And so we pray the prayer your beloved son teaches us…

(Isaiah 43:1–7)