Holy God, Breath of Heaven, Our Light and Salvation,

We inhale and we exhale, every breath becoming a prayer of gratitude, for it is you who, with a word, breathed light and life into creation. And it is you, Holy God, who breathes sacred life into our very beings. We breathe in your grace that surrounds us as sure as the oxygen in the atmosphere. We breathe in your love, revealed to us in Jesus Christ. We breathe in the strength and comfort of the Holy Spirt.

Every breath is a prayer and so we breathe in deeply, grateful for the gifts of life and well-being. And, we exhale with those who have been waiting…for the test results, the vaccine appointment, a diagnosis, for the medication to take effect, for antibodies to be made, and for healing to come.

We inhale and exhale, every breath a prayer, for those who find themselves in the midst of transition, waiting for the world to reopen, for the job offer, for the moment to press the “accept” button, for the test score, for the opportunity for reconciliation, the announcement, the move to retirement.

Every breath is a prayer…We breathe in…and we exhale with those who have been holding their breath for justice. Waiting…for accountability, a turning point, a shaft of light, a ray of hope, a just outcome.

Deliver us, O God. Deliver us safely from the challenges of daily life. Deliver our communities from fear—fear that there is not enough, fear of violence, fear of the other. Deliver our country and our world from fear-fueled injustice, inequality, divisiveness, and greed.

Holy One, you hear our prayers: Prayers heard whispered under shallow breaths; Prayers lifted in our full throated songs of joy; Petitions in the screams of protest forced from the depths of our lungs, the gasp for air—the cry for help. You hear them all.

We breathe in your love and divine light, yearning to exhale notes of a new song, a song of your love, a song of hope, a song of equality, and a song of peace. Every breath is a prayer.

We turn to you, Giver of Life, with our thanksgivings and petitions,
uniting our voices in the prayer Jesus taught us to pray…Our father…Amen.