Dear friend of Kenilworth Union Church,

As the church doors begin to open again—gradually and safely—we are reminded of your steadfast commitment to Kenilworth Union. The pandemic has been hard not only on churchgoers but also on churches themselves, with many houses of worship unable to sustain operations without in-person worship. Thanks to your faithful pledges and contributions, Kenilworth Union never stopped ministering to our congregation and community. Your gifts are a blessing.

You have been mailed a statement showing the status of your giving against your pledge. To fulfill your pledge or augment it, please visit, text Church211 to 73256, click the “Plate Offering”  link in your bulletin during the online offering, or drop in the offering plate at the in-person service.

Thank you for supporting Kenilworth Union. Your generosity is inspiring and humbling, and I am grateful.

John Sharp
Director of Business Operations