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Pilgrimage to Pentecost

Written by: Julia Smolucha


April 13–May 30

Join with other members of our community on a virtual pilgrimage from the empty tomb of Easter morning to the fire of Pentecost, discovering new meaning of the hope revealed by Jesus’ resurrection.

The virtual pilgrimage at Kenilworth Union will provide daily nourishment through email, each day conveying a brief video recording of a church member reading scripture and sharing its personal significance, and a prayer for you to read. Throughout the 50 days, those who remain on the journey will receive badges, commemorating their commitment and encouraging them to travel to the next destination, just as pilgrims receive on physical journeys.

Along the way, church leaders will host virtual wayside meetings where participants can check in with one another, and check their progress along the journey.

By the time we arrive at Pentecost on May 31, we will stand in awe as those early followers of Christ, and receive this spirit to continue to journey to the far ends of the earth in our faith.  —The Reverend Dr. Jo Forrest