By Dudley Evertsberg with input from Anderson Lancaster, Penny and Rudder Forrest.

Dudley: What a wonderful time of year. Treats. Love. Toys. Best of all, the chance for pets like us to visit one of my favorite places—Kenilworth Union Church—together with our families. The annual Blessing of the Animals service is coming right up on Sunday, December 31 at 10:30 a.m.

Rudder: This event was a highlight for me last year. It made me jump for joy!

Anderson: I’m sending Harrison with his stuffed puppy as my proxy—all those dogs (and kids) make me nervous (okay, it’s mostly the kids that make me nervous—they look like regular humans, but gosh they are tiny, and loud, and wobbly). I plan to watch the service online from my favorite spot on a sunny windowsill.

Penny: I will be all eyes and ears, and maybe nose, on Sunday, and look forward to seeing my many friends receive a blessing for a long and happy life with their families.