March 12, 2021

Dear friends,

Rays of hope are clearly showing, but the coronavirus pandemic’s end remains over the horizon and its impact on our Outreach activities continues. We will not have our annual Outreach Benefit this year, nor will we have our Rummage Sale. These events not only offer a wonderful sense of community for our congregation, they also are the primary fundraisers for the support we provide to 40 agencies and their important work related to homelessness, hunger, mental illness, economic justice, and much more in the Chicago area.

This year, the need for services from these agencies is greater than ever. The communities they serve have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

Our church is filled with incredibly generous people. We regularly have had more than 150 people involved in Rummage. The 17 members of the Outreach Committee, along with the more than 70 Kenilworth Union Church members who serve as liaisons to the agencies we support, spend countless hours getting to know these agencies and the work they do. You’ll get to know some of these agencies a little better through upcoming “Minute for Mission” that are being shared during worship services.

Thanks to your contributions, we provide agencies with grants typically ranging from $5,000 to $16,000 annually. We are careful stewards of your funds and have a rigorous process for evaluating all agencies that apply for grants. We ensure they are well-run and that our contributions are used wisely.

We are writing to ask you to contribute to the Outreach Fund so we can continue to support these agencies and the people they serve during their time of greatest need. This letter campaign is the only solicitation for funds that the Outreach Committee will make in 2021.  Our goal is $200,000, and our hope is that every member of Kenilworth Union Church will participate. The reality is that our Outreach Benefit raises approximately half of the $450,000–500,000 we provide annually in church Outreach grants. Please make your donation by April 30. You can contribute online by going to or use the enclosed envelope to send in your check payable to Kenilworth Union Church, with Outreach Fund written in the memo line.

A few weeks ago the world lost a great fundraiser named Captain Sir Tom Moore. In advance of his 100th birthday, he walked laps in his garden and raised 33 million pounds for the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. After his brief moment of philanthropic fame, he said, “The past three weeks have put a spring back in my step. I have renewed purpose and have thoroughly enjoyed every second of this exciting adventure, but I can’t keep walking forever.”

We think we can safely say that a gift to Kenilworth Union Church’s Outreach Fund might just put a spring in your step too.

Chris Cole and Wendy Yamada, Outreach Committee Co-chairs

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