By The Reverend Christine V. Hides

This is the million-dollar question that all of us are asking. Know that the Children and Family Ministry Committee is working closely with A Joyful Noise and the Back to Church Team to develop multiple contingencies for blended online and gathered church school. We are closely monitoring government guidelines and school communications as we plan. We are so grateful for your emails and texts. We miss seeing your family in person and pray daily for you!

F.R.O.G. is our model for innovation: This summer the Children and Family Ministry team is exploring new models and formats of ministry as we plan for multiple contingencies. F.R.O.G. (Forever Relying On God) has long been our motto. Just as the frog lives both in water and on land, children’s ministry must be amphibious—able to thrive both online and in person as we are able.

We are listening carefully to parents: With your feedback we have developed a NEW! July and August Catalog for Children and Families.

To participate in any July or August courses, simply send an email to Greta Connor.

In the catalog, you will find a wide array of faith formation opportunities and formats: online only, DIY (asynchronous), and hybrid in-person (at home) and online. We are beta testing an online platform, CONNECT, as a one-stop shop for classes, community, and content.

One of the gifts of online ministry is that you and your family can join us from wherever you travel this summer and beyond. Please journey with us in July and August. We welcome your honest feedback about how we can continue to nurture and care for your families.


Did you know that frogs and toads have different voices? Listen to these recordings and learn more about frogs and toads. Then, find a spot near a pond or stream and listen. What kind of frog do you hear? For more froggy fun try these activities from MotherNatured.

Conversation starter: What does it mean to F.R.O.G. (Forever Rely On God)? How do you rely on God each day? Read Psalm 100 verse 5. After your discussion, say thank you to God for being with us each and every day.