By The Reverend Dr. Jo Forrest

When I need a reference letter, I usually turn to someone who is accomplished in the eyes of the potential recipient and knows me well. So I wonder, if the axiom “Nobody gets to heaven without a letter of reference from the poor” has merit, at the end of my days, who would vouch for my life as a follower of Christ? Although I believe we are saved by grace and not works, I also know I am called by faith to do as Jesus taught.

In Christ’s eyes, “poor” is not just an economic quality but also describes those without adequate health or physical safety. We are surrounded by the poor.

CAWC, Connections for Abused Women and Children, essentially just gave Kenilworth Union a reference letter by presenting this congregation with the 2018 Champion Award on Saturday, March 10. Since 2007, Outreach has supported their work in caring for domestic abuse victims and their children. Unfortunately, the work to end abuse is not done, but the recognition of long-term dedication can inspire us to persevere. Ron Sipiora has dedicated his leadership to serve as a board member and president to CAWC. Jane Dearborn and Ron serve as liaisons for the Outreach committee.

In this season of Lent, when we are taking stock of our lives, consider who would write such a letter for you. Not sure? Consider how you may be involved in Outreach. Start with learning about the agencies we support from our liaisons. Go with a friend to do some hands-on work in a kitchen, swing a hammer, or help clean up. Easiest of all, come to the benefit!

Christ served the poor by entering into their lives. We can too. Maybe that is where we will meet Christ in this life.


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