By The Reverend Christine V. Hides

Just before the shelter at home order took place in March, children asked me to pray about COVID-19 in our Sunday morning chapel. Before I prayed, I said something close to the following:

God is with us through scary and hard things. We are thankful that God created our bodies to fight infection and be able to heal. We are thankful that God gives us doctors and health care professionals who help sick people become well. We are thankful that God works in our community as we do what we can to keep one another healthy by washing our hands and staying home when we are sick. God is doing good even when bad things are happening.

When I think back over the last six months, I remember countless good things people have done out of love for God and neighbor, even in the midst of the pandemic. Have you, too, seen how God works in and through us by the power of the Spirit?

Just this week I received a thank you letter to the children of Kenilworth Union Church from Christopher House. Last year the children’s offering collected over $1,400—before shelter at home began! Thank you children and parents for your generosity and care for others. I cannot imagine a time when there has been a greater need for the community Christopher House serves.

Can you help us do another good thing? I am looking for five more pieces of children’s art that fit the theme of “What home means to me.” We will use the paintings, collages, or drawings to create a collection of notecards as a fundraiser for Humble Design. Please send high quality photos of your young artists’ work before Sunday, August 30 to Christine Hides. Thank you for being part of another good thing!


We trust that God will continue to do good things in the upcoming school year. You may wish to pray this prayer written by Katie Lancaster:

God of our deepest longing,
Draw near to teachers, students and parents.
Make way for fierce hope, creative energy, belonging and joy.
Be near, O God. Amen.

Posted on August 22, 2020