By Vivian Vahlberg

That’s coordinator Hope Poor and Ray Persino of the Men’s Department in the picture, celebrating the $600 Ray brought in to Rummage by his sharp eye and smart work. He spotted a donated Trek mountain bike. A biker himself, he realized how valuable it was, did some research and managed to sell it online, for Rummage, for $600!  Likewise, Cris Guthrie and Jen Zervas knew they had to do something special to market some very high end furniture that had been donated. They figured out how to bring the furniture to the attention of buyers interested in paying the premium prices appropriate for the furniture—and voila, they raised about $3,000 for three items in just a couple of days. So thanks to Ray, Cris, and Jen for their sharp eyes and highly motivated work.

But whether we are finding ways to maximize highly-valuable donated items or doing the lowly work of processing the thousands of items that will sell for only $1, we are all making a big difference to this Rummage efforts.