As per all KUC youth mission trips your roommate is unknown until you arrive so there is always a bit of excitement/anxiousness around who that might be. Upon arrival at our destination hotel in Bogota roommates were revealed.

John or “Long John” as he quickly became known, was my bunkmate. An introduction began earlier on the trip alleviating some of the “get to know you” and John’s gregarious personality further eased any awkwardness.

We surveyed the room situation, chose beds and set a few simple rules for our five days together. John took it on himself to be the alarm clock for not only our room but for several floors of the hotel where the rest of the young men on the trip roomed. We’re both early risers so as John rattled the doors of the boy’s rooms I jumped in the shower.

What followed became a morning tradition for John and me. We were up well before breakfast was served so we decided to journey out looking for some of that Columbian coffee we had heard so much about. Remembering a 24/7 bakery walking back from dinner & devo’s the night before we set out to find “Hornitos”.

It was on these early morning journeys with most of the city still asleep that John and I found an oasis of hot coffee and tasty pastries. But it really ended up being more than a hot cup of coffee. John and I got to be good friends and enjoyed the 30 minutes together excited to share what happened the day before and what we were looking forward to that day and the days ahead. Word got out by the end of the trip that Hornitos was the go-to morning spot so some of the boys were anxious to join us. Not only did our group expand each day, but also the girls caught on (Silvi’s doing I assume) and by the end it was bubbling with KUC mission trippers. I’ll always remember John and our week together as bunkmates and in particular our morning ritual of coffee, conversation and the connection it provided.