By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

If the smell of bacon reminds you of Jesus, then Claire Revord has been doing her job! We hired Claire last fall to work part time with Youth Ministry and among other things, she oversaw Sunday’s Breakfast Club menu. Now we’ve brought her on full time and we hope you’ll come introduce yourself to her—she’s looking forward to getting to know the Kenilworth Union family. Here’s a little more about Claire, including an interview I had with her this week.

Claire grew up near Kenilworth Union, attended New Trier High School, and studied education at Marquette University. After college Claire taught at a Lutheran high school in Milwaukee, and while she wasn’t officially in a religious leadership role, it was there that she first saw the connection between her love of students, and the possibilities of teaching the love of Jesus. She decided to move back to Chicago at the exact moment that we were searching for an Associate Director of Youth Ministry, and that’s when she joined us part time, but our IMPACT program, and other aspects of youth ministries had grown so much that the board invited her to join our staff full time this summer.

  • Who
    are your heroes? My heroes are my mom and my Lita. My mom is hispanic, so I was supposed to call my grandma the spanish abuelita but my twin brother and I just shortened it to Lita. My Lita died when I was six, and she inspires me because she was a champion for education, was a school principal in Texas and volunteered teaching night school for Mexican immigrants. She always flew in for all my dance recitals. My mom is my hero because she is selfless and inspires me to have a servant heart, is strong in her faith and gives good advice.
  • What
    was your first concert? My first concert was Katie Perry when I was 14, I went with Meg and Kate Revord (Claire’s aunt is church member Meg Revord, who many of you know).
  • You’re
    a twin? I am a twin: It was hard growing up as a twin, always comparing myself to him, and wondering if I was as smart as he was. But he taught me to be outgoing and more confident in myself. We’d always have prank wars, and together we wrote a comic book about Bob Tentacle a crime fighting octopus whose nemesis was Mr. Booger Man—which tells you how little we were when we wrote that comic book! I also have a brother who is much younger than us he is a senior at New Trier this year.
  • What
    surprised you about working at Kenilworth Union? When I first started at Kenilworth Union, I was surprised how quickly I loved working here. After teaching in Milwaukee, I had zero clue what I wanted to do with my life, and of course God put me in this place where I could put my gifts and skills and passions together.
  • What
    are you looking forward to this fall? I am excited for the fall at Kenilworth Union, for the chance to begin to really feel at home here, and to make positive change in some little way. Whether it is making someone’s day, or creating new programming, or coming up with new ideas, I know this is what I really want to be doing with my life. I look forward to using my gifts to further the mission of the church and to work with future kingdom builders here as part of the church family.

Claire and Silvi are starting some new ministries for High School students this fall and we hope the young people you know will reach out to her to get involved! And reach out to Claire and extend a warm welcome—her email address is or stop by the church to say hello.