By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

Suzanne L. Vinson is a Baptist pastor who I met many years ago. Her core theological commitment is around creativity in community. She is an artist and uses her art and shared-art-making to make room for the presence of God in the community. You can hear in her prayer that deep call to notice one another. It was written in an era long before the social isolation caused by the coronavirus, but it seems intensely important for us today. Praying that we might not fade from one another’s vision, and that we might not become unknown to one another seem critical prayers as we continue to figure out how to be community-not-quite-all-together these days. After our daily prayers for healing, and our daily prayers for a vaccine, it might be the most important kind of prayer we pray in these times.

Let us pray:

A prayer for us.
Let us not fade from each other’s vision.
Let us not become unknown to one another.
—Suzanne L. Vinson, Broken Wide Whole: Prayers for Daily Living, 2018

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